This database is a cummulative list comprising of drugs registered with the Drug Control Authority since 1985. This list consists of registration number, product name, name of product registration holder and name of manufacturer only.

Search Instructions:

  1. First, select the "Search by..." from the drop-down menu below. The selections are searched by Product Name, Product Registration Number, Registration Holder, Active Ingredient and Manufacturer. By default, if you do not select the "Search by" the system will search your query based on Product Name.
  2. Enter the complete or a portion of the keyword of the criteria you are searching and click the "Search" button. (Eg. para, poll, ginseng, MAL2003 ). For normal search criteria, please use the Search feature by clicking the button below.
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  4. To search for Cosmetic Products, kindly proceed to QUEST3 Product Search.

Note that at present, the search based on active ingredients is only available for products classified as products that are prescription and OTC pharmaceutical products.

Product Codes:
A: Scheduled Poisons
X: Non-scheduled Poisons (over the counter products)
T: Traditional Medicines
K/KE: Cosmetics
C: Contract Manufactured
E: Export Only
R: Repacked
S: Second source

Recommended Retail Price
Drug Control Authority(DCA) has decided at 110th meeting to include recommended retail price as a supplementary data for manufacturing and import licence application. These information would be useful as a guidance to the public. Where the Registrant has not provided the Bureau with updated RRP data, the database will display the price as "not available".

All information given is valid at the time of publication and will be updated regularly and is subject to change without prior notice or obligation. While National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau(NPCB) seeks to ensure the information accessible through this web site is accurate and reliable, NPCB makes no representation whatsoever resulting directly or indirectly for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of such information via this web site.

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